Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Transfer - July 4th Letter

Well Family, I have made it through one cambio in the mission. I´m not surprised about the mail. I have actually seen mail returned to missionaries opened... But hey, we have email. Ha ha ha. Sounds like trek was pretty fun. It is pretty tough, but I know how you feel. KK, I love the quotes. Thanks for them. Zach, learn how to get in and out of pickles. They are the best. Mom LOVES them to death. Ha ha ha. It is so weird to hear about all of the fires. I hope everyone is okay. We have been getting some good rain here. Dice a Payden y su esposa felicidades para mi. How is all the rest of the family (other cousins, grandparents, y tíos) doing? Manti is a great place. I´ll make sure you get to visit Snow College Sky. It is a great place.
Well.... This past Sunday (ayer) we had cambios. And, I am now in a new area. San Pancho. It is close to Leon. Actually I´m in the same district as the secretaries, assistants, and zone leaders. So every Lunes I get to take a bus ride of about half an hour to an hour into Leon for our district meeting at the Mission Home. I am not going to lie, I was EXTREMELY sad to get changed. We were sure that we were going to stay there because Elder Brady is my trainer for 12 weeks. But, Elder Brady is coming with me. So we ´closed´ our area and are opening a new area (which means we are doing something right). The hermanas are taking over our old area. So we spent most of Sunday night saying goodbye to converts and actually a lot of them ended up balling their eyes out, which I almost did too (Elder Brady makes fun of me, but hey, I´m a Johnson ha ha ha). We had some AMAZING compliments. I am really sad to leave. There are so many amazing people there. Also, we were just getting to the point where the ward was trusting us and willing to help. AND Saturday we had JUST made a ward mission plan... but that is the way of the mission and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked in Azteca. Now we are in San Pancho, and we have no idea about anything. Ha ha! At least I have Elder Brady. Our apartment is nice, and we have a good sink and fans and stuff. The thing is we need to clean it... The other missionaries did not. And we stayed up till 2 in the morning scrubbing our apartment for the sisters. I am excited to work in a new area. It will be great and we have bikes in this area.
One thing I liked about Azteca was there was always a line to bear your testimony during Sacrament meeting. It was great because everyone was so eager, well, I should say, mostly the women. That is one thing the men can work on.
So I know that the Gospel is true and that it doesn´t matter where you are, there is always someone that needs it and new experiences to have. I know Jesus is the Christ with all my heart. We actually have been teaching a man who doesn´t believe in God. But he does to a point, just doesn´t accept it. We don´t need to see it to believe. Air is there and you can´t see it. On occasion you can, but you need to be doing the right things... Same for the Gospel and God. Everything he would say, my testimony of God grew. There is no doubt in my mind he lives. It explains the mysteries of life. Well, not much time. I love you all to death! Remember that every member is a missionary.
I am alive and well and have had some pretty interesting experiences here in Azteca. ha ha ha. But they might be best for after the mission. Ha ha ha. Just giving you a hard time. Love you. I´ll tell you about it later.
Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch