Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 8th 2012

Dad! The fire is flickering!!!! Dad! Dad! ha ha ha ha! I love you Kaitlyn! Well, it was a good long disappointing, but not so week. First of all, we averaged about 1 lesson a day this week. Do you know how HARD that it. But we were working so hard! Then the weekend got better as we had 10 AMAZING HOURS OF LISTENING TO THE PROPHETS OF GOD!!!! I loved it. I only watched the Priesthood Session in Spanish. It was good, and I understood, but it isn´t the same. It is translated and what not. Elder Backman spent the other sessions in the office watching it. Yes, I heard about the age change, and I am so glad for it. That means more sister missionaries and possibly more elders! However, I am glad I went when I did. The experiences I had before the mission at college and camp, I feel like prepared me more. I really loved all of conference! It was so great! I am alive and doing well. I freaked out when I saw a small news report on Brigham City. ha ha ha! Cool. I even think I saw Bro. Wells, but not sure. Well, I love you all! The Gospel is true and it is great to be a part of this work. I feel more inspired after this session. Also I came to realize how blessed I am to have lived in Utah.
Sounds like everyone is doing well and what not. Keep up the good work and remember that every member is a missionary!
Love you all!
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
Ps.   Received a letter from Kait. If you read this, thanks.

This letter was sent moments later.

Okay, So I have been thinking. My comp is trying to do his best. I may have been a little harsh (it sounds harsher reading), but he has had some hard times lately. His mom and family haven´t written him for a whole change. He is worried about them and what not. Finally he asked President Del Valle to call them. Do you think it would be possible to write him and find other people to write him and support him?  His name is Elder Ruiz. Send him a letter if you can! Love you all!
And I got on lds. org and looked at some of the pictures of the Brigham City temple! HOLY COW IS IT SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Am excited to see it in a year and a half. Also, I hope someone recorded the thing KK and Zach were in because I want to see it.
Love you all!
Love Elder Crouch

October 1st 2012

 ¡Hola mi familia bonita! ¿Cómo estás? Espero que todo esté bien con ustedes. Primeramente, Feliz Cumpleaños a Ashely y Natalie (mañana).
Papá bueno Español. Pues esta semana fue bueno. Tuve mis experiencias malos y buenos. Encontramos algunas personas muy buenas pero nadie fue a la capilla ayer. Vamos a dejar algunos porque ya no están progresando. Es algo muy triste, pero esto es la misión.
Okay, I´ll speak in English now. This week was really interesting. We found some good people. We helped one investigator clean the house of her  father-in-law. It just so happens that he has puppies and he keeps these puppies in the house. I spent about 20 minutes scrubbing the floor where they live. It wasn´t very pleasant. What else. Well, I feel like we have had a little more success.

 I actually thought about what I can do to be better. I decided that I am going to let my comp lead. He is mayor and therefore has the calling to lead. This has been a little hard and I still find myself taking control at times. I figure I know how to lead (still have much to learn) and that he needs to learn too. 

Some experiences. Well, yesterday We did splits after church. I went with Elder Osorio and we worked both of our areas (Elder Ruiz y Elder Backman went to Leon for a meeting because Elder Backman is district leader). On the way to the food we had an interesting experience. We were on our bikes and out of the corner of my eye I saw or heard something. Don´t know which, but when I looked again there was a man on the side walk with blood on his face...I  yelled at my comp to stop and then bullets came flying.... okay, the bullets part was a lie. I went over to him and he was unconscious, but gained it back after a few seconds. I told the guy who came out of his house (He heard a noise) to get me toilet paper. We cleaned the guy up and I asked him some questions. Then he stood up and was a little shaky. I knew what happened. I could smell it. He was drunk and while riding back from buying tortillas crashed and landed on the side walk. He was fine other than the blood on his face and head. The ambulance arrived and from there they took over. I still don´t know how I saw him. Definitely had to be the Spirit that told me to look. Don´t drink and drive or ride bicycles. ha haha. Mexicans really like to party. The weekends can get sketchy sometimes. But we are safe don´t worry.

Well, we got to the food and I asked the hermana how she was. Then the tears began to fly. I guess her husband and sons (and I´m guessing more of the family) had a fight about church. The sons are rebellious. Well, The dad left the house. Just left and they don´t know where he is. It was pretty rough for them. My comp and I both think he just had to go blow some steam and left. We believe he´ll return. But until then, they don´t have a dad, and we have no Elder´s Quorum President. I hope all will be well with them.
What else, well, I got a letter from Kami and from Raleigh
Elder Backman got a package for his birthday. He got some candy corn, and best of all PEANUT BUTTER!!! We cooked up some pancakes and smothered on the peanut butter. Also, I had a peanut butter sandwich. MAN WAS THAT GOOD!!! ha ha ha.
Basically I am doing fine. The gospel is so true! I love it and want to learn more. There is so much to learn I just want to be perfect, but I remember that perfection comes from hard work. Faith, Hope, and Charity. I have faith (it can be stronger), my hope is growing, and well, I´m working on charity.
My testimony is that Christ is our Savior. He died for us. I know he speaks to us today through his living profets wow, prophets (no hay un ph en español). This weekend we have the opportunity to listen to them! ¿Ustedes verán todos de las sesiones de la conferencía general? ¿Invitarán alguien mas a escuchar a la conferencía?
Well, I love you all! Remember the show KK y Zach were in.
Love Elder Crouch
Ps, Cada miembro es un misionero!
Con amor!

September 24th, 2012

Well, we had changes or transfers this week. I am still in San Pancho.
I kind of wanted to leave, but didn´t as well. This week was tough!!! I
have been trying to be obedient, but my comp was a little more
difficult.  I was pretty upset with him on Sunday. 
 On Saturday or Friday
I basically died. I had been pulling all week long. Trying to do the
things we need to and on this day we had little success. When I get
tired I NEED to work harder or else I will die, and my comp had died
for the day. So he was Peddling really slow. I tried going faster,
but he doesn´t care if I leave him, because he knows I won´t. So I
just followed behind and died. I have learned that it doesn´t matter
if your comp goes slow or fast, if someone is obedient you can find a
blessing, but man is it hard sometimes. I had a really good personal
study and I have more hope for this change. I have written a game plan
and am going to stick to it. I have tried being an example and
inviting, but it doesn´t have the same effect, so after I have
invited, if that doesn´t work, I am going to tell my leaders.
 This is the hardest comp I have had. He has SO much knowledge in his brain and
I´ve told him he could be amazing if he studies and works harder
(because we do work and have some success, but it isn´t at the level
it should be). I´m glad the Lord has given me another 6 weeks to work
with him, because there is still something I need to learn. I am a lot
more optimistic for this change and hopefully we can do better.
blessings I saw this week was, well, I was rationing my food because I
didn´t know if I had changes or not. Basically every night we had some
one offer us food. It is amazing! I love how the Lord works!
Well, that was my tough week. It is something I will have to figure
out and I believe I have it. I just need to do it with the right
I am so glad we have a temple! I hope I can see the show between
conference, but I´m guessing not. Definitely should record it so that
in a year and a half I can watch it. I hit 6 months.  New cars are
nice aren´t they dad. ha ha ha. I know how you feel. Wait until you
can drive a brand new corvette. That was awesome! ha ha hah.
 Also, one of my investigator´s husband raises fighting roosters. We were out back looking at her "yard" and there were a bunch. She told me to go near one, but I´m not stupid. Just looking at the thing I knew it would kill me. It looked me in the eye, just like the raptor in
Jurassic Park... Serious.  ha h aha.  Well, That´s my life. Best of luck
with everything! I love you all! Keep up the good work! Remember Every
Member is a Missionary!
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch.