Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 8th

So something made my day. Elder Yardley sent me an email. He said rules changed in his mission and now he can write friends. how cool. This week was good, but we didn´t spend much time proselyting. On Monday and Friday we sang in the centro and then on Tuesday we went to Leon and came back Wednesday night. Friday we taught the zone in a zone meeting and this weekend was general conference were we spent all day in the church.

 Well, I have no time to write. We have a meeting with the stake president and I need to change. Today I felt like dad. Everyone planning my life. ha ha ha. Yesterday we planned a zone activity where we watched a movie. Well, last night I got a text message from a DL telling me that the other DL told him to bring pop and snacks because we were eating tortas there too. Then this morning I got a message saying we were also going to play football. I am super frustrated right now, because We were in the church from 10 to 3. I have a meeting at 5 and then we are going to work. And of course we were the last ones to leave because everything had to be in order. It was just frustrating. This DL is really active and if it doesn´t go how he wants it, and then he fixes it.
 Sorry, I just need to let out a little. I am going to talk to my companion and we´ll find what we need to do. Well, The week was good. I loved conference, and I just have a couple of things to say..

One, we should have a family mission plan. So I want you guys to call, the missionaries and have them help you make one. 

two. I want you guys to think of your purpose here in life. What are the important things? What do you need to change?. 

Three. Dad, you need to put your mission name tag in a place were you can see it. Frame it, but don´t keep it hidden. This will help the whole family out. 

Four. Start sharing the gospel on facebook. Some Elders in my zone have a baptism, because some guy who lives in monterray shared the gospel with this lady. 

Five. I love you and remember this always. Have a great week. and I am expecting to here some good reports about your commitments. ha ha ha.I know this will help our family be stronger. Love you!

Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch

April 1st 2013

What a long day. I am so tired right now. My companion got changed to Leon, and I was in the bus station all day waiting for my companion. After all of the new zone members got there we could leave. Then I have been calling the missionaries all day to get their numbers, but they are all out enjoying p-day. ha ha ha. asi es la vida. =D 

This week was great, but long. I got to baptized the convert of the Sister missionaries. That was cool. She had fear of the water and so she was baptized sitting in a chair to feel more comfortable. 

I enjoyed my last week with Elder Villegas. He is pretty cool and we all figured that he would leave. In church we bore our testimonies and everything. 

Here in San Luis, Friday is the big day. They hardly didn´t do anything on Sunday. It was sad. On Friday everything was closed. Even the brother who opens his store everyday closed. There was no one in the road and our dinner appointment fell through so we went to little Caesars with some other Elders who had the same luck.

 Tonight we are going to sing again and I will be directing. Well, Thanks for everything. Hope you had a great Easter  . Got to go. Love you!
Love Elder Crouch

March 25th 2013

Pues, esta semana fue bueno. digo, this week was great. First though, I want to say, "What have you done with my siblings?" Zachary is kissing girls and who in the world is that stunning young lady in the photo?!?!?!  ¡Ay Caray! como dice mi compañero en su acento mexicano, "It´s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." ha ha ha.  

And, I am doing my best writing letters. There are a couple of things you should know, 1 I have no idea where the post office is here in San Luis,
 2 it isn´t in my area so I have to wait until p-day
, 3 There are times where I am just tired and want to sleep,
 4 I don`t have everyone’s` addresses,
 and 5 I am a little lazy at writing letters. ha ha aha. I do have about 5 letters half way written. Just need to finish them and wait until next week to send them. As for Jason Ivie taking us to diner, well, it is against missionary rules to accept visits from conocidos, or people you know. But Mexico is pretty cool.
As for my week. Well, we had a baptismal date with Taide, but when the members went to pick her up for church, she gave them her book of Mormon and the pamphlets and told them she didn`t want to get baptized. So, there goes that. We believe the main reason is her daughter. But what can we do. But the Lord made up with it and we are teaching a 10 year-old.

He will most likely get there.   hahaa he is already in Jacob. I feel like I am finally understanding how the Spirit works a lot better. I had some cool experiences. This week was really cool. Also I will be baptizing this Wednesday, an investigator of the sister missionaries. I completed one year and it was fun. We burnt a shirt and that was about it.
 I wasn´t even in my area, because we planned divisions that day. ha haha. I wanted to go to tacos, but all of the other missionaries  in the zone were busy. It was good. Well, Be safe with all you are doing. I will try to write more, but to tell you the truth I don`t really think about home and the people there much. I know they are all safe. I am more worried about the people here and what happens if they don’t repent... It won`t be good. We are in a big drought and that won´t change unless people follow the gospel. Well, have a great week. I love you all! Stay safe and good luck in everything.
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch.
Ps. Cada miembro es un misionero.

March 17th

Wow, This week I will complete one year in the mission. I can´t believe it. Time just flies by.  Sounds like everything is great with you guys. That package you sent forever ago, never came. I am still waiting for the music from Skyler... ha ha. Mom, as zone leader, it is my companion and I that chose what we do as zone activities. Sometimes the Pres, gives us things to do. I still can´t see dad fishing.... And try not to talk about the rivers too much. That year was really tough because I wanted to be in the water. I don´t think this year will be that bad, but I don´t want to know how high it is or what the water is like... I´m excited for Kaitlyn. Have a great date. Tell, your date that even though I won´t be there with a shotgun, I´ll be sending angels to protect you, which is a lot worse (gotta love the Aaronic Priesthood). ha ha ha. And I know they´ll be there. =D Tell Hez, congrats again. I´m excited for her.
This week was good. We did divisions and I stayed in my area with Elder Peterson. It was great. I didn´t get lost. We had some good lessons. This week we had 7 new investigators. We met a family of 5 last night at a family home evening (se llama, La familia Hernandez). Also Taide came to churh on her own, But her daughter Gabriela didn´t. We are going to invite Taide to be baptized 30 of March. I hope she accepts. The last time the Elders but a date with her, Gabriela got a little upset. Also As we got to church two people came that we didn`t know. Turns out the husband was listening to the Elders in the USA. They came to church solo. That was cool.
Saturday as awesome.  El Élder Ortiz from the 4th quorum of the 70 came and spoke. It was awesome. He did a great job and I feel really inspired. Then after that we went and helped at a relief society activity. Family History. They asked me to speak 5 minutes before about it. It was fun and they gave us food. Also, I opened my acount.  Family, you need to get working on it. I can´t because I am called to save the living, but we still have a lot of ancestors that need our help.  Hop to it. ha ha ha =D
On Sunday I did another special musical number with the Relief Society. It turned out great, because they actually gave me a whole week to learn the song. =D It is pretty cool here in San Luis. We have seen a lot of Police officers, because they are "cleaning" the city out, and looking for stuff from the "gangs." It actually makes us feel a little safer.
Well, that was my week. I hope you all have a great week.
Love you all!
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
Cada miembro es un misionero.
love ya