Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 1st 2013

What a long day. I am so tired right now. My companion got changed to Leon, and I was in the bus station all day waiting for my companion. After all of the new zone members got there we could leave. Then I have been calling the missionaries all day to get their numbers, but they are all out enjoying p-day. ha ha ha. asi es la vida. =D 

This week was great, but long. I got to baptized the convert of the Sister missionaries. That was cool. She had fear of the water and so she was baptized sitting in a chair to feel more comfortable. 

I enjoyed my last week with Elder Villegas. He is pretty cool and we all figured that he would leave. In church we bore our testimonies and everything. 

Here in San Luis, Friday is the big day. They hardly didn´t do anything on Sunday. It was sad. On Friday everything was closed. Even the brother who opens his store everyday closed. There was no one in the road and our dinner appointment fell through so we went to little Caesars with some other Elders who had the same luck.

 Tonight we are going to sing again and I will be directing. Well, Thanks for everything. Hope you had a great Easter  . Got to go. Love you!
Love Elder Crouch