Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 8th

So something made my day. Elder Yardley sent me an email. He said rules changed in his mission and now he can write friends. how cool. This week was good, but we didn´t spend much time proselyting. On Monday and Friday we sang in the centro and then on Tuesday we went to Leon and came back Wednesday night. Friday we taught the zone in a zone meeting and this weekend was general conference were we spent all day in the church.

 Well, I have no time to write. We have a meeting with the stake president and I need to change. Today I felt like dad. Everyone planning my life. ha ha ha. Yesterday we planned a zone activity where we watched a movie. Well, last night I got a text message from a DL telling me that the other DL told him to bring pop and snacks because we were eating tortas there too. Then this morning I got a message saying we were also going to play football. I am super frustrated right now, because We were in the church from 10 to 3. I have a meeting at 5 and then we are going to work. And of course we were the last ones to leave because everything had to be in order. It was just frustrating. This DL is really active and if it doesn´t go how he wants it, and then he fixes it.
 Sorry, I just need to let out a little. I am going to talk to my companion and we´ll find what we need to do. Well, The week was good. I loved conference, and I just have a couple of things to say..

One, we should have a family mission plan. So I want you guys to call, the missionaries and have them help you make one. 

two. I want you guys to think of your purpose here in life. What are the important things? What do you need to change?. 

Three. Dad, you need to put your mission name tag in a place were you can see it. Frame it, but don´t keep it hidden. This will help the whole family out. 

Four. Start sharing the gospel on facebook. Some Elders in my zone have a baptism, because some guy who lives in monterray shared the gospel with this lady. 

Five. I love you and remember this always. Have a great week. and I am expecting to here some good reports about your commitments. ha ha ha.I know this will help our family be stronger. Love you!

Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch