Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Michael washing clothes by hand
This one was taken just this week.  Elder Brady and Elder Wright.
They might be a little big, sorry about that. The one with the sombrero is me today. Elder Wright is going home next change so we were  in León early buying stuff for him and his family. Last week I got a way legit belt for 110 pesos. All leather. That is less than 10 dollars. They were super expensive in León. I know I have a year and 7 months left, but it would be fun for you guys to come down here at the end. Just think about it. As for packages, I don`t need any thing. Just KK´s chocolate chip cookies. ha haha. And the virgin is really big down here  (that´s who saves them, not Christ). so just print a picture of the virgin of guadalupe off and paste it to the box. love you!

August 6, 2012

¡Hola! ¿Comó estan?
Sounds like everything is going well. I just have one  complaint about  your emails. Everyone assumes that everyone else is going to write about their cool experiences, and then no one does. I know that you saw a cool animal, that you went to Shakespeare, but that`s it. ha ha ha ha
 Tell Reed and his wife thanks and get me an address. 
This week was a little better. I decided to try to look for the blessings a little more. I definitely saw them. We contacted this one guy who had been studying to be a Catholic Priest for  basically his whole life and then he decided it wasn`t for him, so he came back to San Pancho. Well, we went to teach him the next day, but he had to go out of town, but the cool thing is that his father owns a taco stand and gave us free tacos. It was awesome. I had some with carne, chorizo, lenguas (that was good), and de pastor (which is really good meat that we don´t have in the USA). We had like 4 tacos and he gave us  pop for free. It was awesome. Also, my  companion´s bike tire had a hole and we went three times to fix it. Finally on the third time the guy ripped off all the other patches and put a big one on. Then he said it was free. 
We also had a reference, and it was fun teaching them. And this week at church the Menas Activa, Nadia, came! That was cool. Well, I guess her daughter said she liked it there (aka Primary, which is the best) and said she was going to go with or without her mom. ha ha ha! I love how God works! 
However, we are still having a hard time teaching people. We blanked again for having investigators at church. 5 weeks in a row.  Maybe we need to repent. Sometimes we question the families we eat with about the Olympics and sometimes they turn it on, so as we eat we see America win... Yep, need to repent. It is fun to hear Mexico is doing well. Elder Brady, who is the same comp I had in Leon, says if Mexico wins in soccer, it´ll get crazy  for a day or two. ha ha ha. yep. 
I`m still a little perturbed with the members. I know they have other stuff to do, but they should magnify their callings. It is really different here. We have about 500 members in San Pancho and only about 100 come... That´s all I`m saying. Well, I love you all! 
Thanks for working with menos activos and others. I understand you have to live life, but my view of being a church member has changed. I love you all so much! Also, this Sunday I´ll be accompanying Elder Wright in church. First time ever. I would rather sing with him, but we need a piano too... ha ha ha! Sky, you up for a quick trip? ha ha ha.
I love you all!
The GOSPEL is SO TRUE! I love missionary work!
Love you
Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. Every member is a missionary!

July 30th 2012

Well, sounds like everyone is doing great! I am a little bummed that I am missing all of the temple stuff going on. I really miss going to the temple, but I might be able to go with some Recent Converts in a year when they get sealed! This is one of the greatest blessings God gives us. To be able to live with our families for the eternity! I can´t comprehend it! The Plan of Salvation is so amazing! 
Papito, tu Español esta bien, pero hay un poquito de errors. Está bien, te perdono. ja ja ja. Sí, yo puedo hablar mejor en Español ahora, pero todavia no entiendo mucho. Me ecanta el Evangelio de Jesucristo y yo sé que Él es mi Salvador. Su expiación es marvillosa y ¡aye! palabras no pueden explicar mis sentamientos de eso! ahora voy a escribir en ingles para que los oltros pueden entender lo que estoy diciendo. ja ja ja
You guys maybe having a drought of water, but we are having a drought of investigators assisting church. It is so frustrating. However, we have been working with a menos activa since we got here and we got to her to come to the movie night we had with the ward members (17 Miracles). She felt the Spirit (hard not to, I was balling my eyes out) and the next day she was at church!!!! I was so happy all through out church! And then we had a combined priesthood and relief society. Guess what we did. We learned how to clean the church. We watched a bunch of videos about it. Yep, I now know how to clean the church toilets. As a missionary who had been working with this menos activa for so long (who didn´t understand this was the true church when she got baptized, and who thinks about things) I felt disappointed. I was praying through this whole meeting that the Spirit would be there for here. We haven´t talked to her since church, but she left pretty quickly. 
Also, I am a little frustrated with the ward members. So we have a recent convert who is SO strong! Her husband has now left her and she is paying for all the bills by her self. She has nothing. Just two daughters. Not only that, but her husband makes fun of her when he comes, and mocks her religion (basically this guy is lucky I haven´t seen any of this). Anyways, we told the Relief Society Pres about this and that maybe she should send someone out there everyday (for like 10 minutes) to make sure she is fine. Well, this convert didn´t come to church. We visited her and she said she just slept in, but also that none of the ward members had visited her. We had an activity during the week too, that she was suppose to come to, but her ride didn´t show up (she waited for an hour), but I know the family that was suppose to pick her up is having troubles with their son. Basically I am not very happy with my ward leaders. If I have to gain THEIR trust, they need to gain MY trust! WHY in the WORLD would I help some one make a SACRED COVENANT with God if I knew the ward wasn´t going to RETAIN them?!?!?!?!?! That would be CONDEMNING them. Okay, I am frustrated with them. 
Also, all that money was me dad. So basically my bike is the reason. We were at the bike shop everyday trying to get it fixed. I kept telling them what was wrong, and finally on the third visit they told me it was the gear. hmmm. Sometimes I miss not having tools. ha ha ha. The bodega is a store (I think it is the same owner as Wal Mart). The ATM's are in this store. But don´t worry, all of the money I spend on the bike this month is refundable. 
Friday was fun. My comp went to Leon for his visa so I was with the other elders. It had rained hard that night and the next morning the roads were muddy. I got pretty muddy! ha ha ha! It took for ever to clean my shirt today. 
Basically, it has been a tough week, but there is always those spots of sunlight that make everything great!  I know this Gospel is true and that I am doing a wonderful work! I can´t explain how much my testimony has grown. How much this means to me. I see the world and how much it needs this. Many of the people here live in the traditions of their fathers. If only they knew! We try to teach them, but it is hard to let go of a tradition sometimes (the key is letting them know that they are going to something better). 
I am in 3 Nephi now and am learning about the Savior! He is amazing! I love him! Also, PLEASE help out the other ward members. If they need help, help them. let them know you are there for them. It is so important! 
I love you all so much!
Keep living the Gospel!
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. EVERY member is a MISSIONARY!
pss. I have to do a musical number in church. Great, they think I can play the piano. ha ha ha!

Power Out

 Well, the power went out so I won´t say much. I am alive and well. We had an awesome family who we taught. We had a date for them to be baptized and they accepted. However, they didn´t go to church and now we have to change the date. I love it here. Everyday my testimony gets stronger and stronger. Sounds like you are all doing well! Keep up the good work! I got letters from Grandma Crouch, Brit, Sierra, Carson, and dad today. Looks like everything is well.
The Gospel is true! I love it so much! I am dead tired and we still have to wash our clothes (by hand), so Love you!

Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
Ps. Every member is a missionary

pss When did Hazel Alvina Mumford die? I need to know so I can put it on my pedigree chart.
The temple looks beautiful!

Also, I am in Helaman. Figured you all told me where you were at, so I would too. Oh, and I might have to take more money out to fix my bike. Sky, you thought yours had problems. Once when I spend over two hundred pesos on it, I can get refunded because the other Elders should have taken better care of it. Well, love you!