Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 6, 2012

¡Hola! ¿Comó estan?
Sounds like everything is going well. I just have one  complaint about  your emails. Everyone assumes that everyone else is going to write about their cool experiences, and then no one does. I know that you saw a cool animal, that you went to Shakespeare, but that`s it. ha ha ha ha
 Tell Reed and his wife thanks and get me an address. 
This week was a little better. I decided to try to look for the blessings a little more. I definitely saw them. We contacted this one guy who had been studying to be a Catholic Priest for  basically his whole life and then he decided it wasn`t for him, so he came back to San Pancho. Well, we went to teach him the next day, but he had to go out of town, but the cool thing is that his father owns a taco stand and gave us free tacos. It was awesome. I had some with carne, chorizo, lenguas (that was good), and de pastor (which is really good meat that we don´t have in the USA). We had like 4 tacos and he gave us  pop for free. It was awesome. Also, my  companion´s bike tire had a hole and we went three times to fix it. Finally on the third time the guy ripped off all the other patches and put a big one on. Then he said it was free. 
We also had a reference, and it was fun teaching them. And this week at church the Menas Activa, Nadia, came! That was cool. Well, I guess her daughter said she liked it there (aka Primary, which is the best) and said she was going to go with or without her mom. ha ha ha! I love how God works! 
However, we are still having a hard time teaching people. We blanked again for having investigators at church. 5 weeks in a row.  Maybe we need to repent. Sometimes we question the families we eat with about the Olympics and sometimes they turn it on, so as we eat we see America win... Yep, need to repent. It is fun to hear Mexico is doing well. Elder Brady, who is the same comp I had in Leon, says if Mexico wins in soccer, it´ll get crazy  for a day or two. ha ha ha. yep. 
I`m still a little perturbed with the members. I know they have other stuff to do, but they should magnify their callings. It is really different here. We have about 500 members in San Pancho and only about 100 come... That´s all I`m saying. Well, I love you all! 
Thanks for working with menos activos and others. I understand you have to live life, but my view of being a church member has changed. I love you all so much! Also, this Sunday I´ll be accompanying Elder Wright in church. First time ever. I would rather sing with him, but we need a piano too... ha ha ha! Sky, you up for a quick trip? ha ha ha.
I love you all!
The GOSPEL is SO TRUE! I love missionary work!
Love you
Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. Every member is a missionary!