Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Power Out

 Well, the power went out so I won´t say much. I am alive and well. We had an awesome family who we taught. We had a date for them to be baptized and they accepted. However, they didn´t go to church and now we have to change the date. I love it here. Everyday my testimony gets stronger and stronger. Sounds like you are all doing well! Keep up the good work! I got letters from Grandma Crouch, Brit, Sierra, Carson, and dad today. Looks like everything is well.
The Gospel is true! I love it so much! I am dead tired and we still have to wash our clothes (by hand), so Love you!

Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
Ps. Every member is a missionary

pss When did Hazel Alvina Mumford die? I need to know so I can put it on my pedigree chart.
The temple looks beautiful!

Also, I am in Helaman. Figured you all told me where you were at, so I would too. Oh, and I might have to take more money out to fix my bike. Sky, you thought yours had problems. Once when I spend over two hundred pesos on it, I can get refunded because the other Elders should have taken better care of it. Well, love you!