Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Michael washing clothes by hand
This one was taken just this week.  Elder Brady and Elder Wright.
They might be a little big, sorry about that. The one with the sombrero is me today. Elder Wright is going home next change so we were  in León early buying stuff for him and his family. Last week I got a way legit belt for 110 pesos. All leather. That is less than 10 dollars. They were super expensive in León. I know I have a year and 7 months left, but it would be fun for you guys to come down here at the end. Just think about it. As for packages, I don`t need any thing. Just KK´s chocolate chip cookies. ha haha. And the virgin is really big down here  (that´s who saves them, not Christ). so just print a picture of the virgin of guadalupe off and paste it to the box. love you!