Tuesday, September 18, 2012

bike crash

Everything is going well. I do not have time to read all of your emails, so I´ll tell you about my week
It was really interesting. First I got some more letters from  the hales, grams, grandma j, sierra a., and josh butts. it was fun to read about their lives. I am doing  fine here in Mexico. So some great things that happened this week. Well, I was saying a prayer and God made a joke with me. I just busted out laughing. I was praying for my comp too, and I was laughing so hard that it sounded like i was crying and what not. my comp just looked at me like i was crazy. it was great. Thursday was, Mormon missionary against all other religion day. We taught a catholic would be priest, he studied for basically his whole life. Fernando. He is really cool. Doesn´t quite understand it, but seeks to find the truth. Also, his father owns a taco stand and gives us free tacos every time. Then later that night we went and spoke with a christian minister. He was seeking to get us. We walked in and his computer was on, scriptures open, and a big file that said, MORMONS. ha ha ha. and guess what, he had NOTHING against us. ha ha ha. We taught with love, and that made all the difference. He kept trying to prove to us that Joseph Smith wasn´t a prophet. He was trying to disprove this with the book of Abraham. He says it has been re-translated and what not. But I totally threw the home run hit when I pulled out D and C 89 aka, the word of wisdom. That right there proves he is a prophet. It was legit. Also, we have evidence that the church is true, some of it is just sacred. Read the book of Abraham and then go to the temple. Your mind will be opened. We aren´t going back to teach him. We won´t get anywhere. Besides, by his standards we are saved, so there is no point for us, and he´ll just fight. After that we had a HUGE testimony meeting, my comp and I. Yeah my testimony was shaken, but it stood firm. Winds can come, but NOTHING can tear down a testimony built on CHRIST.
Friday I was riding and I discovered my handle bar was loose, so I wiggled it to a weird position. Then I wanted to see if I could still use my breaks, so I squeezed them both. Well, my bike stopped and I started going forward, so I squeezed harder. Needless to say, I did a flip. It was hilarious. My comp saw the whole thing. I scraped up my hand pretty good. I´m good though, justa little bruised. ha haha. Also, Sunday we had changes, and my comp went to aguas calientes as zone leader. My knew comp is Elder Ruiz  from veracruze. I have so many more things to share, but no time. I love you all. Keep up the good work.
Every member is a missionary!
I love you!
Love Elder Crouch
ps. I accompanied Elder Wright, who goes home Thursday and he is going to byu, on church. I was really nervous, and I said a prayer and a thought came to me to look at the picture of my family. So I did and I just started thinking about how you all support me and what not. We did alright. I made a HUGE mistake and just stopped playing for a while, but it worked out and no one really knew.
love you
and the BEST way to teach is with love, i have learned that these past six weeks.