Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 10th

Wow, another week down. Next week I will have 6 months in the mission.
Hard to believe. Well, I´ll try to be careful on the bike mom. I have
had some pretty close calls, but you should also read Chapter 5 of
1Nefi. It is pretty good. I also bought a headlight for the bike.
Maybe I´ll take some money out to buy a helmet. They cost about 600
pesos (which is a little pricey). It is so weird. Sky is telling me the
seasons changing at home, but it is about the same here, if not a
little more fresh and a little dryer. We had a fecha (date) to be
baptized for one of our investigators, but she didn´t come to church.
One of the biggest problems here in San Pancho is that everyone works
all the time. The shoe industry is big here. It is cool to see how a
shoe is made. I think I´ll buy the stuff to make them and make my own
shoes for the rest of my life. A whole lot cheaper. ha ha ha. Also, it
is really catholic here. We didn´t have a lot of success this week. We
had a big conference on Friday and my comp was a little dead. I had to
pull all week long and towards the end, mainly Saturday and Sunday, I
died a little. This week I am really going to push my comp. We talked
about it a little bit. First I am going to give pep talks. If that
doesn´t work, then I´m going to planch, o sea, give a scripture that
makes one realize what they are doing is wrong. It was a tough week. I
try not to judge or say things that are bad about him (such as not
lifting up the lid to go the the bathroom, etc), but when it comes to
following the commandments, I´m going to be a lot more strict. That was
the biggest challenge of the week. Also, in the conference we had we
were told to teach to the needs of the people and the whole family,
even the kids under 8. I tried doing that. I have a picture book of
the scriptures and showed some of the pictures and asked who they
were. I tell you what, it was a really spiritual experience. I love
being a missionary it is the best. It is the hardest thing, but really
rewarding. I feel something changing in me.
Today we played soccer. I was the goalie and my team beat all of the
others (about 5). Then I changed out and we lost. I am always the
designated goalie now, even though it isn´t my favorite place. Also I
GOT THE PACKAGE!!! Thanks KK! The cookies were SO SO SO SO good!
Everyone loved them. Also, I love the ties. Not going to lie. I have
worn two already.
Well, I love you all!
Thanks for your support.
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
Every Member a Missionary
ps. I got letters from Grandma A. and Tory
Pss. Way to go Zach in finding work! It is a super crappy job, but I love it!
Psss. I have heard from other missionaries that parents go crazy when
they send their kids on missions. Mainly they just buy stuff... I
didn´t believe it until you told me you spent 2000 on your truck, and
then went and bought a new car... I now believe it... ha h ah ah.
Love you!