Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 14th Pictures

Well. After almost 7 months without having a baptism, We finally had one!!!!! It was awesome! We worked really hard this whole week with José. As did Satan. José lost his job. But he stayed firm. He told us a cool story. He was reading 1 Nefi 10. In this chapter is talks about Christ being baptized. Well, as he started to read it, he said he could smell flowers. Really beautiful smelling flowers. He walk out of the room and couldn´t smell it any where else. So he came back and finished reading. Well, when he finished the chapter and started reading chapter 11, the smell went away. He took that as his answer to be baptized.

 My companion did the baptizing and I confirmed. Saturday was pretty tough. So... We had people saying mean things in the street at us, our tempers were closer to being set off, the other elders forgot the church keys, it took forever to get to the food for lunch, we were late going for José, our taxi started going the wrong way, hardly any ward members showed up (after we spent all week inviting), the other elders forgot the white clothes, José was too big for the white clothes, the font didn´t have a lot of water, etc.... but God WON! ha ha haha! It turned out really well. And we worked everything out. It was a great day and I loved it.

 Just looking back on the week I can only think of José. But we did find some cool people this week as well. I am so grateful for my Savior and for my God. They are amazing. They make anything possible. This week I had been studying a lot in Chapter 1 de Predicad mi Evangelio and also about the lessons. My understanding is growing a lot. 

Yesterday I confirmed José which was cool and Elder Storm and I spoke in church. This whole week was awesome! I am so grateful for everything and I just can´t write it down. I love my companion so much! We have gone through a lot and we have grown a lot. The Lord is changing my life for the better. 
Well, I love you all so much!
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
Ps. Cada miembro es un misionero.

And as for weather, well, it is nice and hot down here. It feels a little like spring. Usually I have to wear a sweater in the morning, but that is because our cinderblock house keeps in the cold. 
Kaitlyn, have fun on your date! Enjoy it.
Zachary felicidades. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7th 2013

Well, I don´t have much time. First. A big sorry to everyone. I really do enjoy getting the letters. It is hard to send them, because we have to make a trip to the city center to the post office and mail it there and we don´t always get down there. So sorry about that. So this past week was amazing. We did a lot of stuff. Elder Storm is an AMAZING Elder. He does so much and is growing fast. I believe that he is ready to train after the change.

 Also, we are not in a three some. Elder Oaderkirk is with Elder Lopez, and they are in the same ward. Also, my testimony of the Priesthood has grown so much this week. I gave a blessing to my companion yesterday and it was SO amazing. We both felt the Spirit so strongly. 

Also, a baby was blessed in our ward and I was part of the circle. I thought about the time we blessed Kielee´s baby. It was just my companion, the uncle, and me. The dad didn´t have the priesthood. I was sad once again about that. I am always going to be worthy to give blessings. 

But the cool part about this story was the first blessing I ever gave here in Mexico was to the mom. She couldn´t have any more children... And I got to hold the miracle in my hand. It was something really really special for me.

Also, Marilola is really cool. She came to church with us. We had a really cool lesson with her, but the lesson after that wasn´t what we wanted. It is hard to teach her. She is awesome though. And when she said I was going in March, well, we were just guessing the transfers like always.

AND JOSÉ IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!! I am so excited for that. He is so ready. Keep praying for him though! It will be on Saturday and my companion will perform the ordinance. Well, I love you all so much! Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the advice. I love you!

Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. every member is a missionary.

December 31st

First, I got Gram´s letter and a letter from Stacie. Just let them know thanks. Mom, you shouldn´t play with knives, and I´m glad Grandpa is okay.

Also, this week was super long. It seems like forever ago when we talked. So much has happened. So José is amazing. Friday after our lesson he stopped smoking. On Sunday, he seemed a little stressed, we are going with him again today. I guess today and tomorrow are going to be the hardest days. Pray hard for him. 

We have 5 people with baptismal dates. Elder Storm and my DL put dates with them (we were on divisions). That is exciting! Hopefully it all works out. So divisions were fun. The other two Elders who are in our ward (the DL and his comp) weren´t getting along, so we had to do divisions (for almost two days). I was to observe his companion (I guess he was breaking rules). It made me feel good, because we were able to help. Also his companion told me thanks and that he learned a lot. Well, the had special transfers, so now we have another Elder with us. He is from N. Ogden.... cool huh.

 But my DL, district leader, didn´t have any food, so at the meal with the members I ate a lot (which didn´t make me feel good) and then that night we had tacos (and turns out that is when the divisions ended). Well, that night was horrible. My stomach hurt really bad. I got what is called "the double dragon" which is when you are throwing up and have diarrhea at the same time. It was a LONG night. 

Then the next day I almost got punched by a drunk guy. He had his fist back and I just stared at him. He didn´t do it... It was funny. ha ha ha. I feel better now. I am still a little sick, but not too much. I love being a missionary. I am so very grateful for the gospel. Elder Storm and I are getting a long a whole lot better now. We have the confidence of the ward members and we really edify where ever we go. Well, not much time left. I love you all so much! I am grateful to be here and to do what I am doing, although at times it is really hard and I feel like I don´t do much good. I know God has a plan for us. 

Tell everyone I say hi
Love you
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch.
ps. cada miembro es un misionero.

Pues, muy rapido. This week was fun. We had our Christmas party as a ward and that was good. We also had our mission Christmas party. That was even better! and it was on my 9 month day. It was really fun to relax a little. I broke one of the piñatas. that was good. We did an awesome dance (which we did for the ward too). It was to the theme"Mormon Style." 
We have two people with dates to be baptized. That is awesome. José is awesome. He needs to stope smoking though. And Gabby, who is awesome and we are helping here get her faith in Christ. Also, we stopped teaching Esperanza. She asked her Catholic preacher if she could read the Book of Mormon and he told her no. He told her to give it back to us. Well, we testified of it. I knew she had to keep the book so I told her to keep it so she could remember us. ha ha ha. That worked. It was really sad, but it wasn´t her time and I know she will get there. 

Also the other day we were walking down the street and had a drunk guy come at us with his bike flying inthe air. We looked at him like, What are youdoing, and walked off. ha aha. it was weird. I guess I will talk to you all tomorrow. I got the packages. Thanks for it. I was a little bummed not to get a family newsletter though.... ha ha ha. And the peanut butter is awesome. My comp´s package got sent home. 
Well I love you!
See ya tomorrow.
Con amor, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
Cada miembro es un misionero.

December 17th

so the "o" doesnt work that great and so if there is a misspelled word you know why. I don't have much time. So this week was great. I still have one more change with my comp. We are finally getting ome success. I didn't know Sydnee was already going on the mission. 

That is cool. Zach, your mustache is horrible. ha ha ha. Thanks for the info dad. Um, we are thinking abut getting on at 4:00 here in Mexico, so about 3:00 for u guys.
 This week we had some interesting experiences. We were having a hard time getting along with each other and finally we pulled it 2gether  2 finish the week strong. We had a couple of lessons that were really lead by the spirit. It was amazing! I really don't have a lot 2 say. Just that I love u and I am fine. In 2 changes I will have 1 year in the mish left. Hard 2 believe. ha ha ha 
Well, thanks fir everything. We will talk in a week. Oh, maybe some one can send me their skype info s I can get on. I will try mine first but just to have a back up. 
WEll,luv ya!
Luv Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. I am guessing we will get packages on Friday at the Christmas Party. 
Luv ya
Every member is a missionary.

December 10th

Hey fam! I hope everything is going great for you all. I got a card from aunt Cindy and uncle Kie with some pics of their cute little granddaughters! They are precious! ha ha ha. I haven`t gotten the Halloween card from grams, we´ll see if it comes. I did buy the jacket. So that was me. I hope everything is going well for the Neff family. 

And here are the names of the investigators. Esperanza came to church. She just needs to realize that there is one true church. José is cool. He just needs to quiet smoking and I feel like he will progress. We have a few other people like Marilola who are cool. Also Mireya needs a lot of prayers. We couldn´t talk to her this week. She basically has everything taught. 

This week was awesome. We are finally seeing the blessings. We were walking out of a cyber when I heard the song I know that my Redeemer lives. I saw that there was a you tube video being played. It was about the Mormons and it was about eternal families. Well, we contacted the owner of the cyber (because it was her computer). When we went to talk to her again, she wasn´t there, but for sure this week. It has just been a great week. My comp and I still are learning how to work together. He is hothead at times, and I get there right with him. Hard to believe huh.  I feel like I am a little more calm, but there are those times... We really work great together though! I love him to death. Also some interesting news... So in January we are getting 40 new missionaries. That is A LOT!!!!! I am guessing that I will go and open another area and my comp and I will both be training. Also, there is going to be a time when there are transfers every 3 weeks instead of 6, because we will get so many new missionaries. Also we are getting American females as missionaries here in Mexico. That will be interesting. I am really excited to see all of the changes. The Lord is pumping the work right now. It is awesome! ha ha ha! 

I am exited to talk to you guys in 2 weeks. We are still using skype, but my comp and I have to tell you when. we´ll let you know. 

Well, love you so much!
Keep being amazing!

Also I think I lost my camera cord, so I´ll have to look for it, but I have some cool pics. 
Love you all!

Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. Cada miembro es un misionero. 

ps, how are all my ward buddies doing? How is Daniel and Brad and Mikkel. Tell Brinton hi for me and also how is Devin?
Love ya!