Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7th 2013

Well, I don´t have much time. First. A big sorry to everyone. I really do enjoy getting the letters. It is hard to send them, because we have to make a trip to the city center to the post office and mail it there and we don´t always get down there. So sorry about that. So this past week was amazing. We did a lot of stuff. Elder Storm is an AMAZING Elder. He does so much and is growing fast. I believe that he is ready to train after the change.

 Also, we are not in a three some. Elder Oaderkirk is with Elder Lopez, and they are in the same ward. Also, my testimony of the Priesthood has grown so much this week. I gave a blessing to my companion yesterday and it was SO amazing. We both felt the Spirit so strongly. 

Also, a baby was blessed in our ward and I was part of the circle. I thought about the time we blessed Kielee´s baby. It was just my companion, the uncle, and me. The dad didn´t have the priesthood. I was sad once again about that. I am always going to be worthy to give blessings. 

But the cool part about this story was the first blessing I ever gave here in Mexico was to the mom. She couldn´t have any more children... And I got to hold the miracle in my hand. It was something really really special for me.

Also, Marilola is really cool. She came to church with us. We had a really cool lesson with her, but the lesson after that wasn´t what we wanted. It is hard to teach her. She is awesome though. And when she said I was going in March, well, we were just guessing the transfers like always.

AND JOSÉ IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!! I am so excited for that. He is so ready. Keep praying for him though! It will be on Saturday and my companion will perform the ordinance. Well, I love you all so much! Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the advice. I love you!

Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. every member is a missionary.