Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 10th

Hey fam! I hope everything is going great for you all. I got a card from aunt Cindy and uncle Kie with some pics of their cute little granddaughters! They are precious! ha ha ha. I haven`t gotten the Halloween card from grams, we´ll see if it comes. I did buy the jacket. So that was me. I hope everything is going well for the Neff family. 

And here are the names of the investigators. Esperanza came to church. She just needs to realize that there is one true church. José is cool. He just needs to quiet smoking and I feel like he will progress. We have a few other people like Marilola who are cool. Also Mireya needs a lot of prayers. We couldn´t talk to her this week. She basically has everything taught. 

This week was awesome. We are finally seeing the blessings. We were walking out of a cyber when I heard the song I know that my Redeemer lives. I saw that there was a you tube video being played. It was about the Mormons and it was about eternal families. Well, we contacted the owner of the cyber (because it was her computer). When we went to talk to her again, she wasn´t there, but for sure this week. It has just been a great week. My comp and I still are learning how to work together. He is hothead at times, and I get there right with him. Hard to believe huh.  I feel like I am a little more calm, but there are those times... We really work great together though! I love him to death. Also some interesting news... So in January we are getting 40 new missionaries. That is A LOT!!!!! I am guessing that I will go and open another area and my comp and I will both be training. Also, there is going to be a time when there are transfers every 3 weeks instead of 6, because we will get so many new missionaries. Also we are getting American females as missionaries here in Mexico. That will be interesting. I am really excited to see all of the changes. The Lord is pumping the work right now. It is awesome! ha ha ha! 

I am exited to talk to you guys in 2 weeks. We are still using skype, but my comp and I have to tell you when. we´ll let you know. 

Well, love you so much!
Keep being amazing!

Also I think I lost my camera cord, so I´ll have to look for it, but I have some cool pics. 
Love you all!

Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. Cada miembro es un misionero. 

ps, how are all my ward buddies doing? How is Daniel and Brad and Mikkel. Tell Brinton hi for me and also how is Devin?
Love ya!