Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 31st

First, I got Gram´s letter and a letter from Stacie. Just let them know thanks. Mom, you shouldn´t play with knives, and I´m glad Grandpa is okay.

Also, this week was super long. It seems like forever ago when we talked. So much has happened. So José is amazing. Friday after our lesson he stopped smoking. On Sunday, he seemed a little stressed, we are going with him again today. I guess today and tomorrow are going to be the hardest days. Pray hard for him. 

We have 5 people with baptismal dates. Elder Storm and my DL put dates with them (we were on divisions). That is exciting! Hopefully it all works out. So divisions were fun. The other two Elders who are in our ward (the DL and his comp) weren´t getting along, so we had to do divisions (for almost two days). I was to observe his companion (I guess he was breaking rules). It made me feel good, because we were able to help. Also his companion told me thanks and that he learned a lot. Well, the had special transfers, so now we have another Elder with us. He is from N. Ogden.... cool huh.

 But my DL, district leader, didn´t have any food, so at the meal with the members I ate a lot (which didn´t make me feel good) and then that night we had tacos (and turns out that is when the divisions ended). Well, that night was horrible. My stomach hurt really bad. I got what is called "the double dragon" which is when you are throwing up and have diarrhea at the same time. It was a LONG night. 

Then the next day I almost got punched by a drunk guy. He had his fist back and I just stared at him. He didn´t do it... It was funny. ha ha ha. I feel better now. I am still a little sick, but not too much. I love being a missionary. I am so very grateful for the gospel. Elder Storm and I are getting a long a whole lot better now. We have the confidence of the ward members and we really edify where ever we go. Well, not much time left. I love you all so much! I am grateful to be here and to do what I am doing, although at times it is really hard and I feel like I don´t do much good. I know God has a plan for us. 

Tell everyone I say hi
Love you
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch.
ps. cada miembro es un misionero.