Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 17th

so the "o" doesnt work that great and so if there is a misspelled word you know why. I don't have much time. So this week was great. I still have one more change with my comp. We are finally getting ome success. I didn't know Sydnee was already going on the mission. 

That is cool. Zach, your mustache is horrible. ha ha ha. Thanks for the info dad. Um, we are thinking abut getting on at 4:00 here in Mexico, so about 3:00 for u guys.
 This week we had some interesting experiences. We were having a hard time getting along with each other and finally we pulled it 2gether  2 finish the week strong. We had a couple of lessons that were really lead by the spirit. It was amazing! I really don't have a lot 2 say. Just that I love u and I am fine. In 2 changes I will have 1 year in the mish left. Hard 2 believe. ha ha ha 
Well, thanks fir everything. We will talk in a week. Oh, maybe some one can send me their skype info s I can get on. I will try mine first but just to have a back up. 
WEll,luv ya!
Luv Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. I am guessing we will get packages on Friday at the Christmas Party. 
Luv ya
Every member is a missionary.