Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 3, 2012

ues, esta semana fue muy bueno! Ayer, el domingo, recibimos muchísimas bendiciones! Tenemos tres personas que enseñamos ayer, y creo que vayan a progresar. 
So funny things that happened this week. We went to a less actives house and I had to use the bathroom.  There was no water in the tank. However there was a bucket, with very little water in it. The only way to fill up the bucket was with the shower.... Well, I filled it up, and turned off the water. As I was bringing the bucket down, I bumped it.... and the shower head came off the wall... ha ha haha! I spent about  5 minutes trying to put it back in. I felt like I was in one of those scenes where things just get worse ( I don´t know if you have seen the movie , "The Home teachers", but it was like the bathroom scene in there). Finally I gave up and opened the door, with the shower head in one hand and a cheesy grin.. The hermano, who was talking to his son (who lives in Utah) saw me and his face was priceless!!!! ha hah aa! The good news is this wasn´t the first time it happened, because it was fixed before with putty. That was a new technique to get him to church, but it didn´t work... hah a ha! It was great!
 Basically this week was amazing! I love being a missionary and I love the work. I can feel the Spirit a lot stronger and am learning to listen for it a lot more. I have been writing in my journal a lot this week, so you will just have to read it. I feel like I can´t really express it. 
As for Christmas, well, we don´t really think about the holidays. It is really weird. They say it is cold here, but am sweating everyday. There is no snow. They have a lot of winter clothes for sell, but I feel weird because I isn´t cold! It is weird. Zach, I would love a pillow tie bud! Those are legit and would be great for Church. ha ha ha. 
Well, I love you all! Keep up the good work! I am sending a letter for Christmas and am excited to here from you! I just need to find a ciber that has a camera. Um, tell everyone hi and I love them!
Con amor, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
Cada miembro es un misionero
feliz navidad
A great big hug!