¡Por fin recibí una carta de mi hermanito! ja ja ja! Zach beer bread is great stuff! Thanks for writing and looking after Kaitlyn! ha ha ha. Sounds like there is a lot happening at home.
 Dad, thanks... it was a good chew out, but just remember that when you read you don´t always get the emotion as well as it is impossible to write everything. I love the mission and enjoy it. I figured that a bunch of girls would be talking to their bishops and I´m not surprised that Kami wants to go. I can think of a bunch of my friends.
 The mission is the best and don´t dis my Spanish. ha ha ha. It´s bad enough that the Mexicans down here make fun of my gringo accent. ;D Well, this week was just the opposite of last week lesson wise. We worked really hard  and found some good families. Even though we didn´t have any investigators at church, we did have 4 menos activos. That was great. One was Alicia. When I arrived in San Pancho her house was the first one we went to. We activated her daughter and finally she came. She is older and she falls a sleep during church. Her daughter told her to at least go and take the sacrament. Now we are working on the other daughter.
 We are trying to get her to do family history. ha ha ha ha! There is a dance in León, but you have to have 4 generations done. Man am I glad that I have an account. I was able to show her my account explain a little. What else... Well Elder Ruiz has stepped up. It is great to see that. Neither of us are perfect and we are both working. I just happen to be lucky to have "time" pounded into my head from working at camp and what not. 
Sunday was fast and testimony. I made a deal with a girl Saturday night that I would bear my testimony and she would bear hers. Then in church I was asked to help bless the sacrament. Well, that was my first time in Spanish and I feel like I did all right. I got all nervous and then after that I bore my testimony and it was a little weird (because I still had that nervous feeling). I have come to learn that the Lord makes everything great. Also, I definitely felt like the adversary was out to get us.
 At the beginning of the week we had a lot of close calls on the bikes. I almost walked home one day because I was sick of having to break all the time. Thankfully the Lord watches after us. 
I don´t know if I have described my area much. So here in San Pancho they make a lot of shoes. It is cool to see how they do it. Also they make a lot of cowboy hats and leather goods. Mexico is different than America. The roads are worse here and there are a lot of street vendors. It is super hot right now. We pay for a lot of things. The music is pretty good. They really party here. The weekends are a little sketchy. The only place I have seen drinking fountains is in our church houses. Also, for the next month or so there are going to be fairs and parties. 
Also, there are live wires in our apartment building... When I saw that I decided I definitely not raise children here. I really miss carpet. Everything is tile and bricks. 
Also, some culture info. The boyfriend buys the wedding dress and pays for all that kind of stuff. Which caused me to think that when I get home I have to start saving for a ring, which really freaked me out. I decided I am going to just stay a missionary forever. ha ha ha.
 Well, there is a little bit about Mexico. I love it here. Mainly I love the mission and I most definitely love the Lord I served. I have tried to make him a bigger part in this work. It is amazing how he guides his work. I have seen miracles and blessings in the past week. Well, love you all! Keep up the good work. Remember you are loved. 
Dad, Just think about that one time I took you down. Yup just did it. ha ha h. You better watch out. I have a six pack (some days you can see it better). ha ha ha! Love you all! Tell all the fam that!
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. Every member is a missionary!