Sunday, December 9, 2012

October 29th 2012

Wow, what a week. We had some pretty spiritual experiences. My comp and I did a 2 and a half hour bike ride to a ranch to visit a reference. He was really cool and he lived in Utah for a while (he has 83 years). Juan Refugio is his name. He talked about how the Mormons were so kind. Made me feel good. Then, we talked to President Del Valle about our journey and come to find out that it is in our area, but we aren´t allowed to go out there. ha haha. We did have to go back for my comp´s backpack (with permission). It was really interesting and we made good time.
Also, we went to visit some menos activos. One of them told us that she was actually thinking about the church that morning and how she wanted to go back, and then we showed up. It was cool, but she didn´t come to church yesterday. We also met the sister of a member and started teaching her. She does herbalife and has a shop. She committed to come to church (which was cool because we didn´t even have to ask). Well, she didn´t show up and we called to see if she was coming. Turns out that her sister, who is a member, and her went and did something else. We are going to have to talk to Maria Elena.

 The other elders had a baptism. It was really weird, but the important thing is that the ordinance happened. Umm... Basically I am loving it here. There is so much I don´t know I just need to work on it. I have found that at times it can be easy not to teach, but just talk with the people. My comp, finally got a letter from his mom, but I am still having a little bit of a rough time with him. For me I feel like it is easy to be obedient, but he struggles a bit. 

Congrats to Landon. I figured Sierra would be going on a mission. Thanks for the spiritual stuff. I am going to buy a Christmas ornament if I can. Also, I bought a pumpkin and made a jack-o-lantern. I taught my comp how to do it. As for the seeds, well we don´t have a oven. I fried a little bit of them, and the rest are in the sun drying. Well, I love you all!

The Gospel is true. I am reading Jesus the Christ and I finished Genesis as well as 1 nefi. All of the books are amazing!
Love you!
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
Ps. Every member a missionary (cada miembro es un misionero).
Pss. We have changes, o sea, transfers next week. I may be writing from a different part of Mexico.
And tell Joel congrats.
Love you!