Sunday, December 9, 2012

November19th 2012

Wow! So this week was SO hard, but there are some good things that happened. We spent the first part of the week in the offices. My comp was having a lot of struggles with the change and needed some pep talks from President Del Valle. We both got pretty down this week. We had no idea what we were doing and we were having no success. Even planing was getting super hard. I woke up almost every morning un animated. We both were that way.  But don´t worry. Today we talked about it and we have some good game plans. It was just hard, because we didn´t know why we felt that way. We were obedient and yet we struggled. Satan is really working hard on us. I have decided to start eating better and to work out better. 

But there were some interesting things...
Mariola es an investigator we are teaching. She speaks English and was actually married to an American judge. It will be hard to teach her, but I feel like we need to. She says she has photographic memory, and I believe her. She has also told us she has seen Christ 3 times, which is a little more sketchy, but He can do what he wants. She is basically like our mom here. ha haha. She invited us over to dinner. We had Paella.! It was so good. There was lamb and all sorts of good stuff. We had to leave before the seafood one was done, but it was good. I was a little bummed because she didn´t buy the rabbit meat to put in it... ha ha ha. She also had family over at that time. Basically they all spoke English and where some of the top of the tops in Mexico. Like her cousin who was in charge of the Ford Motor Company in Mexico. It was really interesting.
Yesterday I had a tortilla and jabanero sauce. The three Americans in our ward. We all did it. Yep, we are more Mexican than the Mexicans. ha ha ha. It was hot, but not to bad. The other elders had a baptisms (3 el sabado). it was cool. I directed. Um.... That was the best part. Today we were in the hospital, my comp is sick. it was interesting. 
Thanks for everything. We really need your prayers right now. All of your letters had me almost crying. 
I love you all! Best of luck!
Every member is a missionary. 
And dad, we can´t tract for security reason. We had a conference where we learned what to do if we are taken captive.... I really didn`t want to tell you because now mom will freak out. ha ha ha. Leon is one of the safer parts mom! love you!

Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. Dad, I did take money out today.