Hey fam! So I opened a new area. At first it was really hard because we can't contact or go tracting. So we work a lot through the ward members, and when you don`t know any one... well, it was a little hard.
 I am also training Elder Storm.  Iam the only American training an American and at times it is a little hard. I am suppose to speak to him in Spanish, and I do, but at times it is hard. He is so great and wants to help everyone, therefore he gets frustrated at times. I know exactly how he feels. I also get really mad this week at him. I don`t remember the last time I got that mad. ha ha ha. I started chewing him out in English, but slipped into Spanish. I think he got the feeling of what I meant. But I love him to death! He is from California. He kayaks a lot and is so cool. He is super positive and he always is willing to do things. I love it. Our new area is pretty cool. We are in the center of Leon, where all of the cool stuff is. 
Sounds like everyone is doing fine. Congrats to SKYLER for finally getting to the point in his life to graduate! and for NATALIE! Also felicidades a Sierra and Stephanie. I think Carson is in the Baltic States. That`ll be cool. Um, what else. I can`t really think of anything I need. Contact solution would be nice, also some pens. Really, I can`t think of anything else. I might end taking some money out of the card this month, so be ready for that dad. Well, no more time, love you! 
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. cada miembro es un misionero.
pss. We got  a new stake president. Elder Johnson, who spoke in conference, came. He planched (chewed out) everyone for not doing family history and temple work. I am glad I am in charge of the living. ha ha ha.
Love you!