Sunday, October 14, 2012

September 24th, 2012

Well, we had changes or transfers this week. I am still in San Pancho.
I kind of wanted to leave, but didn´t as well. This week was tough!!! I
have been trying to be obedient, but my comp was a little more
difficult.  I was pretty upset with him on Sunday. 
 On Saturday or Friday
I basically died. I had been pulling all week long. Trying to do the
things we need to and on this day we had little success. When I get
tired I NEED to work harder or else I will die, and my comp had died
for the day. So he was Peddling really slow. I tried going faster,
but he doesn´t care if I leave him, because he knows I won´t. So I
just followed behind and died. I have learned that it doesn´t matter
if your comp goes slow or fast, if someone is obedient you can find a
blessing, but man is it hard sometimes. I had a really good personal
study and I have more hope for this change. I have written a game plan
and am going to stick to it. I have tried being an example and
inviting, but it doesn´t have the same effect, so after I have
invited, if that doesn´t work, I am going to tell my leaders.
 This is the hardest comp I have had. He has SO much knowledge in his brain and
I´ve told him he could be amazing if he studies and works harder
(because we do work and have some success, but it isn´t at the level
it should be). I´m glad the Lord has given me another 6 weeks to work
with him, because there is still something I need to learn. I am a lot
more optimistic for this change and hopefully we can do better.
blessings I saw this week was, well, I was rationing my food because I
didn´t know if I had changes or not. Basically every night we had some
one offer us food. It is amazing! I love how the Lord works!
Well, that was my tough week. It is something I will have to figure
out and I believe I have it. I just need to do it with the right