Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 9, 2012

Hey Family!
Another week come and gone! It's been great.
Yesterday Elder D. Todd Christofferson came and spoke. As he was driving away in his car we waved and said, "thank you," and he said thanks back. That was pretty cool. Also, I went to Salt Lake City on Lunes with four other elders in my district (and a bunch of others). We went to the Mexican Consulate to sign some very important papers!!!!! =D So I should have my visa now!!! Just wait for two more weeks and I'll be heading out to Mexico!!! That was a "fun" trip. The bus driver dropped us off (by the way, we road in a "prison" bus, ha haha) and said, "Okay, they'll be a bus back here at 6 to pick you up." Then he drove off.... It didn't take us until 6. It probably only took an hour or so. Thankfully we had a senior missionary couple with us, and they called the C.C.M. and there just happened to be another bus in SLC dropping missionaries off. I learned that I am really sheltered in the C.C.M. How do you live out there? I was really excited to get back to my safe little home. Now I know what I need to prepare for. Basically all of Monday was shot doing the visa stuff. Today we went to the temple. I love it there! You should go as often as you can, because it is AMAZING!!! I only have one more trip left, and then I'm going to have to wait two years. That's going to be tough. Oh, also, we are now the oldest missionaries here in my zone. One of the branch presidency called us "seasoned missionaries." Until we get to the field. A lot has happened, but it is hard to remember it all. Elder Foote was temporarily out of our companionship because we had another Elder in my zone that needed a companion for three days. That was SO weird!!! After being with someone for 24 hours for 5 weeks and then they are gone. Not good for your brain. =D Sounds like you are all having a good life. I was wondering where my memory card was. Thanks mom. I'm not surprised about the jeep. ;) ha ha ha! I took it "mudding" one time and got stuck.... Mom, you need a hemi truck!!!! =D Love ya!!!  Ha haha! Tell Reed's son congrats for me.
I know it is short, but it is the same as always. The Spirit is strong! My Spanish is coming along (well, at least for the C.C.M.)! And I am loving life! I've also really enjoyed sitting by Elder Mackely during choir. That's great! And I saw Elder Sean Smith this week too. It was good to see him here! Oh, and I think I'm going to have to take a break from soccer. Lunes, I was tearing up the field. That was fun. And then yesterday, I was doing well, but I went after the ball and got a good kick to the shine. I hit the ground and it took a while to get back up. It KILLED!!! Eventually a staff member came down, and so I got up and said I was fine. I'm going to get it check out today, but I really think it was just a hard kick to the shine. I was running on it afterwards, so don't worry. Ha haha! I just decided that it isn't worth getting injured two weeks before I leave, so I'll probably play some v-ball.
Well, the Gospel is still true!! I love it so much!!! Keep being amazing! Keep having Faith. I know with faith, anything is possible.!
Love you all!!!
Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. Every member is a missionary!