Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 2 2012

Dear family,
How are you doing?!?! I am doing rather well!!!
Life is good here, as always! My Spanish is coming along much better! This week we have 5 days of solamente espanol, y next week is our cosecration week. I can't believe I have been here for seven weeks already! It can't be that long! Time flies when you are having fun! The Spirit is so strong here, just like always! And I saw Elder Mackley this week!!! I had been looking for him, and I knew I would find him at choir. I have my choir buddy back now!!!  I felt like Alma the younger, when he meets up with the sons of Mosiah. My joy was full, seeing Elder Mackley being such a wonderful example of Christ.
One thing I have decided is that the 6th week mark is always the toughest in anything. At Camp, and here. We all had some issues to work out, but unlike camp, here it was done with the Spirit of Christ, which made it easier. I have also seen my district grow SO much in the past week or so. It's crazy. On Sunday we went and watched a talk Elder Bednar gave at Christmas time. It is life changing. It was the second time I had seen it. It is SO amazing!! Wow!!!
I'm always amazed at how Spanish is becoming a part of me. I start to think in Spanish. I almost responded back to a temple worker today in Spanish. ha ha ha!!! Also, for the past week or so we have been reviewing. All 14 tenses of Spanish, plus other stuff. I have learned a lot about myself, and I'm trying to let the Lord mold me. It isn't always easy. Sometimes I don't want to change, but I know it is necesary.
Let's see. I recieved some cookies from the twins. Talk about heaven on earth!!! They will be gone by today (And I got them last night).
I don't have enought time to say everything I want to say!! I wish you could just feel how I feel. My love for the Gospel has grown SO much!!!! I know with the Lord, I am strong!!! I've seen it in my lessons. When I really humble myself and rely on Him, he helps. But when I think to myself, "This is easy," then I find it is SO hard to teach and speak Spanish. Also, so much happens in a week that I can't remember it all. Let me rephrase that, so much happens in a day that I can't remember it all! We got a new district, and we made all of their beds for the first day. That was fun. I made 6 out of the 12 beds. I also played the piano in Sacrament meeting. It is amazing how the Lord has helped me with that! I was able to learn the song rather quickly and played it well.
Also, I scored my first goal ever in soccer yesterday!!! That was epic!!!
Well, time is short. I will end with my testimony that I know this Church is true!! I know God loves and know every single one of us! He knows what we need! I am so grateful for them!! I see how the Gospel blesses lifes.
I am so excited to get to the field and teach my brothers and sisters. I'm nervous too, but I know with the Lord, everything is possible.
Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. forgive my spelling. Learning another language doesn't always help spell correctly.