Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 25th 2012

Hey family!!!
I can't believe another week has gone by! It seems like for ever ago when I last had a p-day, but the week also flew by! Basically I am loving it here!
We just went to the temple, and since we missed breakfast at the MTC (since we were at the temple at 7:10) we had it there. I THOUGHT I HAD DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!!!!! =D After about 6 weeks of MTC food you get pretty tired of it. I had an omelet (SO GOOD) real bacon that wasn't charcoal, and some super good hashbrowns. Also, the temple session was amazing! I got a better understanding on how amazing the priesthood is!
Yesterday we went to TRC (which is where we teach members a lesson). We taught Bro. Underwood, who happens to be the guy that translates General Conference and he also did the Spanish translation for the temples. So, I'm going to hear his voice for sure 3 more times (general conference in Mexico). Here at the CCM you meet all sorts of note worthy people. Yesterday we had Elder Nelson come and speak to us. That was amazing! I felt the Spirit come in when he walked into the room! It was amazing!!!!
Another highlight of my week... The practice field is open!!!!! You don't know how nice it was to be able to run outside. We played soccer, and I did well! I had some amazing shots, but Elder Haynie, the goalie, was able to stop them just in time. I did have an amazing assist though! I kicked it into the center, and a teammate headed it in (which was against the rules, but... ). That was epic. The next day I played sand volleyball. It was nice and fun, but I'm still not a fan of getting dirty hands like that. Of course I ended up diving ( a lot of times) and I was super sandy by the end of gym.
I love it here! I have two buddies from high school that are heading out this week. I said adios to them.
So much has happened that I have no idea what to talk about!
Javier has accepted a baptismal invite. Oh, and I can't remember if I told you about Carlos, but a week before his "baptism" his daughter ran away with her boyfriend and he hasn't heard from her at all... Don't think about it KK. ;)   Anyways, we are working with him, and he has said that he is feeling more peace in his life because he is praying. He didn't do his reading like he was suppose to, so we read with him, and it was great to see him understand more and to see the Gospel start to take a hold of his life.
I know that this Gospel is true!!!! I see blessings that come from it everyday!!! I would say one of the hardest parts about my mission is helping others see that they need it and why they need it. I can only invite, they are the ones that need to act. It's not me that needs help, I'm already on the path, but THEY need to do it. That can be a hard thing to help them understand.
I do know that this Church is true. I know that Jesus Christ died for me and that through him I can live again! I have a testimony of the Plan of Salvation! I know Jose Smith translated the Book of Mormon. I am so grateful for my ancestors for going through the hardships so that I can have the opportunity to help others with their hardships. I know that Faith and Acting on your faith are important!!!! I believe in the Gift of Tongues! My Spanish is coming along! We have already had two days of solamente espanol. Manana y viernes son solament espanol tambien. Lo es dificil, pero es posible con el don de lenguas! Yo se que the evangelio de Jesucristo fue restauarada en la tierra.
I love you family!!!! Keep being strong!!! Remember, Every member is a missionary.
Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. Thanks to everyone that wrote me!