Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mission Home Address:
Calle Torre Vieja #128
Col. Arbide
Leon, Guanajuato 37360
Can I just say missionary work is HARD! I have never ever worked so hard or been so tired in my life. At times it gets depressing because nobody wants the Gospel and I can´t speak the language, and I´m sick and my feet have huge blisters. And then the blisters heal, your stomach gets more tough, you find someone who is prepared to hear the Gospel, and you are so happy. All of the good makes up SO much for the bad! Last p day we went to a cathedral and went to the catacombs under it. It was really creepy and there definitely wasn't the Spirit of God there. I was the first to walk into one room and before I walked in I had to tell my self that I had the power of God and we would be fine. It was just a dranky feeling in there.Today we had a zone activity and went paintballing. Legit huh.
 My Spanish is getting better, and dad, your lucky you are 1813 miles away or I would have to take you down for insulting my Spanish and the way these people talk. Okay, I am learning the proper way to speak it.ha ha ha. I keep learning. My companion talks to me all day in Spanish and then at night in English. It is hard to understand people at times. Also, I´m not shirking away from the food, which is good, but I also had a great experience. So for one meal there was this dish called chuletos. It was white and looked like skin. I had it, didn't know what it was, then they started talking about it, and I found out what it was. It was skin. Pig skin. It was chewy and ugh! Well, I couldn't stop and not prove I couldn't eat it. So I had seconds. Pig skin is really greasy and I my stomach didn't like it. I had stomach problems for the next four days or so. My stomach feels different, but that is part of living here. It really depends on the family we are eating with if we have American food or Mexican. 
Also, we have a guy getting baptized on the 17th of this month! Fran. I am so excited. I also got to be a witness for a baptism this week. The Gospel is so true! The people here are amazing. I´m in an area that hasn't been open that long, so we are trying to get the ward members excited about missionary work and what not. Some are excited, others not so much. I had a great experience this week as well. We found a family that had talked to the missionaries previously. We talked with them. The next time we went, they had both their sons there too. This family loves a lot of the things about the church. We ready Alma 7 with them. At the end of verses 11 and 12 I talked about the Savior´s Atonement. It was amazing!!!! I did not have to think about what to say. It just came. Also, my Spanish was SO much better and OH! It was amazing!!! Definitely by the Spirit. Also we found another person who is really excited to here about the Plan of Salvation, but then we haven´t been able to reach her. It was so sad! Well, we have district meeting in about 30 minutes. I am doing exchanges today, so tomorrow I will be with some one different. 
As for my address. Send it to the mission home. That is where it needs to be sent. I´ll get it from there. For the whole mission do that. Also felicidades Kaitlyn! You´ll do great! Also there is a small yellow book in my closet that is about games. Zach, I still haven´t heard from you... Have fun at New Fork! You´ll love it up there! Sunday´s are amazing! There is so much I want to say abut no time. I love you all! Tell Daniel good luck for me! It´ll be good for him. He´ll probably teach English and what not. I don´t know for sure though.
Well, I love you all dearly! Sorry it wasn't a long letter, but no time. I have my journal. You´ll have to ready it when I get home.
All is well!
 Every member is a missionary!
Love you
Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch