Thursday, June 28, 2012

Four Baptisms

June 18, 2012
Wow! Sounds like you all had a very interesting week! Mom, you are crazy! KK, sounds like you had an amazing time at efy. The Gospel is SO true. Oh, and teaching lesson one is easy peazy! Ha ha ha! But it is SO important! Also, I know what you mean mom, other religions have some weird beliefs. They do do good, but I also see a lot of the bad, because a lot of the time, I am the one they are attacking... And also, the prophet isn´t just the prophet for our church, he is the prophet for the whole world! It is such an amazing thing! Sometimes it is hard to help people understand things like this and what it means for them. Dad, thanks for the tip. At times it is hard to look for the good. We went tracting one time, and door after door slammed in our faces. It was a big bummer. This is the first time it happened to me cruelly. Usually the people are polite about it. 
Hope you have fun at camp! Also, HAPPY FATHER´S DAY!!! The primary children came into Elder´s quorum and gave their fathers kisses and a candy bar. I got a little teary-eyed... On the bright side, I got a candy bar! That was a plus. Zach! Congrats on your amazing plays in Beisbol! That is awesome! Kait, what is your job for the summer? And WHAT IS GRANDPA THINKING ABOUT FALLING ASLEEP WILL DRIVING?!?!?!?! I COULD HAVE TOLD HIM THAT IT IS DANGEROUS!!!! I hope he heals quickly and let him know he is in my prayers. 
Yesterday we went to the hospital with a member to give one of his co-worker´s sons a blessing. He has cancer in the head. It was great being able to use the priesthood to bless others! We gave the mother a pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation. It was weird, because there was a lot of security at the hospital. They are strict about who gets in. After this, we went and ate with the hermano. It was a fun night. His wife gave me a good compliment. She said my Spanish is good for only having a month in the Republic. Also, their little daughter said that KK is beautiful (I showed them my picture of you guys).
Well, time for my week. It was really good I guess... we only had 4 BAPTISMS!!!!!!! =D We had a family that was scheduled to get baptized in July (so relatives could come) say they wanted to get baptized this Saturday. So, we hurried and planned the baptism. We had three get baptized on Saturday. Now they are a complete family. The mom is already a member, recent convert. So it was the father and their two sons. Well, I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize the father! It was my first time ever! I was super nervous! I almost forgot the prayer!!!! Then on Sunday, we had the baptism of Fran. He is SO cool. With his baptism, his whole family are now members. So we completed two families this week. We had 3 confirmations. I am confirming Fran next week. 
Basically, it was a great weekend! I'll send pictures next week. Also, I am SO white. My skins is tan, but my hair is A LOT more blonde. It is funny! Pues, esto es lo que paso esta semana. I am loving it here. Now I want to share a scripture. It is in 3 Nephi 11: 26 (I think that is the verse. It is between 26-34). Anyways, Jesus is talking to the apostles, and says, don´t take thought about where you will sleep, what you will wear, what food you will eat, or what you will drink. I'll look after you. And...So he has. This past week, we have had no food in the apartment... ha ha ha! We always get so busy on Monday's. Anyways, we have been looked after. Seriously. Members have given us food to eat. It was such a great blessing! Don´t worry, we have food now... I seriously have never been so poor in my life. All I had to my name was some milk, eggs, peanutbutter (which is really expensive), and hotcake (pancakes, but we had no water). One night I was so tired I debated about whether I should cook some eggs, or just go to bed. Then my companion shared a piece of pizza with me (we bought pizza like two days earlier so I had eaten my half). I just thought it was funny. You really get so humbled, but so blessed too! I love being a missionary! I love being here! Mexico is great. Also, you are all so blessed to live in America. Just want to let you know that. It is a great place! Oh, and come around Christmas time, I'll be able to talk to you, but I will probably use Skype, so you better get the computer set up to use that... Okay, 
The Gospel is SO true! Other people don't know what they are missing. If they really knew what it was and how amazing it is, there would be lines upon lines of people wanting to get baptized. Also, my companion and I were talking about the Atonement the other day. It is amazing! And just a point, if you think childbirth is horrible... we'll how many people are in the world now? Hard to comprehend huh? He suffered the pains of every mother to ever give birth. PLUS so much more! I am in awe at his sacrifice! He knows what it feels like to be addicted to drugs. He knows how it feels to have every bone in your body broken. He knows EXACTLY the pain grandpa is going through right now! He is Perfect. He is my Savior, my friend, and my brother. It is through HIM that I can live with you guys for ever! It is amazing! It is wonderful! It is the Atonement.
Well, I love  you all! I am well and fine. Oh, I made a goal today playing soccer, with my LEFT foot. That was pretty legit.
Give my love to all of the family! Let them know I love them, and let grandpa know I'm praying for him. He recieved a priesthood blessing right?
Love you all!
Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. Every member is a missionary! It is SO important to have members helping!
pss. The son of (I think the stake president) is going to the Ogden, Utah mission. So if you meet a Mexican from Leon, you have someone to tell  you what it is like.
Love you!
The Gospel is true!!!