Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week 3 in Leon, Mexico

     Well, my compañero, Elder Bray, va a bautisar Fran este Domingo. Estoy muy animado. Es muy bonito para ver los cambios el Evangelio hace en las personas. Y... La proxima semana, yo voy a confirmar Fran... Estoy MUY nervioso y tambien MUY animo! I´m going to study the vocab for giving a confirmation blessing. Sheesh, baptizing is easy. I have that prayer memorized. I know the Holy Ghost will tell me exactly what I need to say, when I need to say it. That´s the great thing. I just need to know some words, and He´ll work with what I have to make it beautiful.
     Mom, I really loved that little bit from L. Tom Perry you put in. Funny story. He spoke to us in the CCM (central de compatacion de misional or something like that), but he totally SKIPPED up the stairs. It was amazing! Anyways, the more I read and study the Gospel, the stronger my testimony grows. I actually read that scripture the other day. God knew people would reject it and therefore but that in there to explain. He is seriously my hero! The Gospel is SO true! We have a lot of different religions down here. The Catholics are the biggest, but there are Jehovah witnesses and other groups. At times it is frustration because some want to argue, but some do listen. The thing I love best is, we don´t have to prove ourselves. When we teach, we teach with the authority of God. We help people understand the Restoration and then, we tell them not to believe just our words, but to try God and see if we are lying. We challenge THEM to pray and find out if it is true. This is something we can do, that NO other religion can. Because it IS true. Those that say they already know the answers because they have prayed are lying, because they would either be baptized or taking the lessons... It´s that simple. I could keep going, but that isn´t the point. If any of you have a lack of wisdom, ask God, who knows all.
     This past week I did two splits. I went with Elder Torres and taught, and then the other day I went with Elder Zealley, who is our zone leader, to the offices to get our visas. I am no legal!!! YES!!! Ha ha ha! That was a great day because the rest of the Elders who were in my district in the ccm were there. It was great talking to them!!! I loved it. Also, this week I tore my first shirt in the mission. Oh, also, for Christmas time I might get to use SKYPE to call you, so you might want to get an account and figure out how to use it.
Anyways, we have some great people that we are teaching. We have a family of four, who is amazing. They came to church with us. We had 8 investigators at church, which was great. Our apartment is really clean now. It is amazing how quickly the Spirit comes in a clean house. I love it here. It is so amazing! There are amazing people in Mexico.
Oh, I also got a dear elder, from dad and from aunt Cindy and uncle Kie. Let them know that I love them. So, I guess I do get dear elders here. But they take a while, just like everything else, which reminds me. To make it faster for me to read the emails, please don´t put a lot of spaces between paragraphs, Mexico is improving, but it isn´t close to how quick it is at home. I´ve seen houses where they don´t flush the toilet paper still, so yeah, the computers aren´t always the fastest. Pues, I can´t think of a whole lot. My Spanish is getting a lot better. That is a plus. It hasn´t rained at all this week, and it gets REALLY hot!!! I´m looking more and more Mexican every day.
     Thanks for the emails. They are motivational. I would love to hear about how my brothers are doing from them. That would be great. Keep up the good work. Remember EVERY member IS a missionary. You have NO idea how much help the members can be! It is so hard doing this work without them. I know, because we are doing a lot of it without them. I think that is why Utah is such a great place for missionaries, because you have all of these RM´s who know how hard it is to teach without members and they vow to help the missionaries out. I know, because I have already made this vow. ha ha ha. Entonces, I should probably go. We need to get something to eat (haven´t really eaten a whole lot today) then go to our meeting.
I love you all so so so much!
Keep up the good work.
I´m doing great
Love you
Love, Elder Michael Blake Crouch
ps. if you see Sierra, tell her happy birthday for me.
Oh, ps. I had a pretty awesome dream last night. I got in a fight with a grizzly bear. You see, I had pepper spray, actually the can that is dad´s, but it didn´t work. So I had to fight it with my machete. Dad, you might want to get that can checked and make sure it hasn´t expired. ha ha ha
Oh! Tell all of New Fork that I am alive and well and say hi! I´m going to write a letter there one of these days. Let Fred and Ethan know I love them and they are amazing! Enjoy it up there. I am really jealous! I wish I could be in the mountains, but this is better. Well, time to go.
Love you all!