Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Febrary 25th 2013

Well, you guys basically took all of the fun out of this letter... Get off the internet and go coyote hunting or something. Let me have what little fun I can with you guys by telling the church news... haha ha ha. 

This week was alright. My companion and I made some awesome plans for our investigators, but we couldn't seem to get a lesson with them. How frustrating. We have gone with a lot of people, but really I feel like this area is worked and maybe a little dry. However the Lord says work, and with all of the changes he is making in the world with missionary work, it means he isn't about to let some missionary give up. I know there is someone here,  we just have to find them. 

Today we did do something really cool for P-day. The whole zone piled into the back of our Bishop´s convie and his wife drove all 12 of us to a Hacienda (basically a really really really big ranch house). It was a fun ride. I´m glad we made it.  ha ha ha. Well, this hacienda is call "X-Hacienda de Gogorron." Well, a member of the church came with us to show us around (her dad´s uncle owns it). This hacienda has a pretty cool story... The filmed the 2nd Zorro movie there... We looked at  a lot of cool spots. The sad thing is that it is really run down. The filmers left all of the scenes up, but most of it is destroyed and what not. Some cool places are, the jailhouse, the school house, the city of San Francisco (which is now beat up), the main house, and the church house. I walked through the secret door in the church house (That is in the movie) and a secret tunnel in the main house. It was really cool.
 But holy cow, It is in a desert! As we were walking to the main road, we passed through the town, there was no grass, just dust and wind. They use cacti as their fences instead of barbed wire. ha ha ha. It was really cool. 

Also, let´s see. News for the week. Oh, well did you guys hear that there are going to be 58 new missions in the world and 8 new in Mexico? That is something big that is happening. haha ha. But I´m sure you all now... ha ha ha ha. I love you guys.
Love Elder Crouch