Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February 18th 2013

Yippee! KK is going to Prom!! Now this kid better be a good boy.   ha ha ha. I still haven´t gotten the package, but I will be going in to Leon the first  Tuesday of March. We´ll find out.  I do know an Elder Boekweg. And the singing thing we did was a multi zone activity. We were about 36 missionaries singing and testifying in the centro. It was cool. We did it again this week and will be doing it again on    Friday. As for the church houses, there are two or three stakes here in San Luis. In my stake there are at least 3 church houses. I am sure you can find the church on mormon.org but my church house doesn´t show up. My area isn´t too bad. It is pretty calm. But there are some areas in my zone that, well, best not tell you. ha ah aha. We are safe. =D

Well, I really don´t have a lot to say. We had a zone conference with Presidente Del Valle and his wife. That was cool. We got called to repentance and told to do better. That was a boost. ha ha ha. We also had transfers. We were thinking no one would get changed but, yep, half the zone has changes. We will be getting two "gringos" as the Mexicans would say. That is going to be fun. Also, next week we are going to try to go to a hacienda where they filmed part of Zorro. That will be cool.

We did have some pretty cool lessons this week. The Spirit is amazing. We keep having spiritual lessons with a less active. Yesterday we watched 17 Miracles. That movie really hits home with the people here. Also we had some good lessons with Miguel, who is a doctor and investigator. He just hasn´t come to church... And Martin y Pati, are amazing. They are excited to get married, but tampoco haven´t gone to church. That is a hard thing about here. 

I really feel like my ward is like a ward in Utah. The area is small and walking down the roads I feel like everyone knows who we are. A lot of the members live close to each other. But we have a lot of less actives. That is a hard part. A lot of people talk about doing stuff, but they don`t do it. ha ha ha. It is frustrating at times. But it is getting there a little bit at a time. Well, love you all. 

Stay strong and remember that every member is a missionary.
Have a great week.
Love Elder Michael Blake Crouch
Love Ya!