Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February 11th

This week was pretty interesting. I was back in Leon for leadership training (for lack of a better word). It felt like coming home.  ha ha ha. I loved it. We learned a whole lot. I got sung to for my birthday. Basically it was a legit spiritual experience (the training). The Pres. and his wife and a couple of missionaries did a practice and it was awesome to watch. The Pres and the Hna. presented the Holy Ghost. You could feel it come into the room and man was it cool. I had a similar experience in a lesson this week. It was an awesome lesson and when I presented the Holy Ghost it got even cooler. Also the Pres. talked about how the Lord is completing two ancient promises. One is the gathering of the 12 tribes (which started with the restoration) and also that He is preparing for the 2nd coming. Isn´t that cool?   Everything we do as members is to prepare for this event. I am so excited! ha ha ha.

 I then had to teach my zone what we learned. Then on Friday I played the piano in one of the city squares... You would be proud of me. As missionaries in San Luis we are doing an activity every Friday this month. We are singing himnos about the Plan of Salvation and we talk about every point. Well, I played the prelude music, and also, I am the director. That is kinda fun. It is pretty cool. 

On Saturday we did divisions and in a lesson we taught about the Plan of Salvation. Well, as we taught the fall, one of them got excited because it was part of the plan. It was really funny. The Gospel just makes sense. ha ha ha. 

Also did you hear about how the Pope quit? How funny.  He definitely isn´t a prophet because a prophet can´t quit.  It isn´t a job.  Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and the Church is true.

I love you all!
Love Elder Crouch

Ps. Cada miembro es un misionero.
psss. The bishop and his wife made me a cake on Monday and gave it to me.
and I got the Christmas card and a letter from Aunt Cindy,
as well as a card from grandma j and tori hunter.